Dining Booth Day Bed

We got our Class C and wanted to add some seating space. We had a local upholsterer make us three new cushions with the same size and cloth materials that are in the dining booth seats. Here is our result.

The back cushion is the full length of the booth and fits snugly into the side cushions. We had some pillows hiding it a bit in the picture, but it works just like we thought it would. It's very comfortable and opened up a lot of seating/laying around space.
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That's nicely done. A couple of points come to mind ...

Please consider the safety ramifications of using that area while driving.

Those blinds are like mine. You will be restringing them quicker if your guests bump and push against them while enjoying your new seating area.
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Thanks. It is comfortable. Since there's only 3 of us, we each have a good spot while driving, but the one booth has seat belts as well. I was concerned about the blinds too and so far, the thickness of the cushion along with the pillows have pretty much kept them far enough back not to be impacted so far by people sitting or laying around in it.

But, with a 10 yr old, i'm sure restringing will be on my agenda. Any advice on restringing them? I have one set on the other side that just started fraying last trip and need to be restrung.
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There has been 'threads' here on the forum about restringing, but a Google search will bring up something I'm sure. It isn't easy, but possible. There are companies out there that do it for you, too.

I got lucky. After I'd boned up on the subject, my darling bride Sallyberetta talked Winnebago into replacing the ones that were broken with new ones under warranty. All I had to do was rehang the new ones!
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Restringing the blinds is very simple.Do not wait until the cord is broken.Buy the nylon cord in the color you require. Cut the old cord at the bottom . Light a match or candle and hold both ends of cord together.Twist both cords between your fingers to join them.(wet your finger first)Then simply pull cord slowly thru blind until only new cord is left. Tie off and knot. Job done Takes about 2 minutes. We charge about $50. Dont tell anyone.Regards BIG BILKO. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: