Dirt, Dirt, Dirt Everywhere Need help!!


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Hi Everyone. I just found your site and I think I may stay for years and years. We just inherited a 1987 Vogue and while it is a beautiful guy, it has been sitting for a long, long while...I bought a case of wood cleaning and restoring and rejuvenating products(lots of walnut), cleaned the carpet about four times, everything else about ten times, but am stymied on the carpeted ceiling. It was originally blue but is now a tannish gray(Ick). I am afraid to clean it with the steam carpet cleaning attachment as I am afraid to get it too wet? After twenty years do you think it will all fall down or get droopy like us when we are past our prime?? Any suggestions would be appreciated...So far Hubby has fried the water heater and single-handedly brought down half the large plate glass medicine cabinet so I think I will take over for a while??? Also there is a weird fiberglass/plastic?strip in the middle of the shower/bathtub that looks all moldy/rusty calky gone bad...I'm afraid what I may find when I get to removing that, if I can remove that...Sigh...


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RE: Dirt, Dirt, Dirt Everywhere Need help!!

An '87' anything is 20 years old!!. If you inherited it, you have nothing to lose but time. Strip it all the way out. You can usually find a 'hole' somewhere that will indicate what materials the sidewalls are. You will know then all about it, and more important how to fix


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Re: Dirt, Dirt, Dirt Everywhere Need help!!

Hey, I resemble that remark! "get droopy" :laugh:

Welcome to the forum, Pamela.

I tend to agree with hamdave. Plan to reconstruct some of your "new" MH. Some things will just defy cleaning, and some things can not be replaced.

And then, you might just get used to "tannish gray!" :eek:


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Re: Dirt, Dirt, Dirt Everywhere Need help!!

I had the same problem with a 25 year old Class C. The "fabric" on the ceiling just began pulling loose and falling down. I was able to stick it back up with some spray adhesive. So much was falling off/rusting out that I finally got rid of it. RVs, just like anything else wear out from use or rust out from non-use....
Hopefully you can get it cleaned up, tires replaced, wheel bearings repacked and have many good years of fun with it. Sorry to hear about the water heater. Trying to light it when empty will do it every time....
Happy TMing...