Dodge Trucks Oboy!

Dodge Trucks Oboy!

Thanks LDS3500. I had just tried the overpressurization of the cab trick without any luck and was ready to dynamite the cab.

It's raining again here for the next 7-10 days, this morning was actually kind of dry after 20 straight days of rain. Next time it stops raining I'll look at the fire wall.

Can the hole be seen from the engine side of the fire wall or is pulling back the carpet the only way to see it?
Dodge Trucks Oboy!

It sounds like a heater core unit is leaking to me,If it is the heater core leaking then your airconditioner will probably quit working pretty soon.
Their are two units under the dash of your truck both look like miniture radiators one is the condenser and one is the heater core, about the only way you can see them is remove the dash, and to do that takes some time, the battery has to be disconnected and the airbags disconnected, If you plan on doing this your self I would suggest going to the dealer and getting a print out for the instructions to do this step by step.
Most of the time the heatercore leaks before the condenser, it is easy to change after you get to it, also an airconditioner man can put some dye in your airconditioner and after you run your vehicle for awhile it will show green dye in that water leak if it is the heater core and save you removing the dash board,$35.00 is a typicall price they charge for doing this, dealership will be about$65.00 later Jim
Dodge Trucks Oboy!

Thanks, but it is NOT the heater core or condenser.

Water accumulation is only after rain fal, the more rain the bigger the puddle on the passenger side floor.

By the way, we are shooting to break the 1953 record of 32 consecutive days of rain here in western Washington. We're at day 23 or 24 today. Next winter will be spent in San Diego thank you!


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Dodge Trucks Oboy!

captdick, when you sprayed water on the truck, did you hit the passenger glass and door? Sure could use some of that rain here.
Dodge Trucks Oboy!

Shadow, we've had 10 inches in the last week and you are welcome to all you can haul. It is so grey and dreary here it's enough to drive a preacher to drink!

Door and windows got sprayed. Waiting now for a dry spell to go out and pull back the carpet on that side to see if there is a hole in the fire wall. I don't have a garage so it's been out in the rain. Got to be a hole there somewhere, when I checked it this afternoon after 8 straight hours of moderatley heavy rain there was a small waterfall when I opened the passenger door.
Dodge Trucks Oboy!

When the car I have right now was new (2001) it leaked once on the driver side when it sat out in a heavy rain. The dealer found the windshild was not sealed right and got a "glass doctor" to reseal it. I have had no more problems. Has that been checked? The weather stripping can look ok, but the real seal is under the glass.
Dodge Trucks Oboy!

EUREKA, I HAVE FOUND THE LEAK... and fixed it (I hope).

Thank you all for your input.

The short version. It was the passengers window, hey... they all leak but the big holes on the bottom of the door let the water out.

The longer version. The water leaked down on to the top of the door speaker then off the bottom of the speaker magnet then down the speaker wire, which was up against the heavy plastic liner between the door trim panel and the inside of the door panel, then trickled down the inside of the plastic to a place where it wasn't glued to the inside of the door for about a 1/4 inch and out that gap down the inside of the interior door trim panel and out the bottom to where it dripped on the carpet. Had to take the door trim panel off to find it. It was a very small leak but the effect of the now 11.75 inches of rain over ten or so days had a huge cumulative effect.

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Dodge Trucks Oboy!

Glad you found the leak captdick. Those thing can be the :evil: to find. I had a customer one time with a new chevy that leaked in the trunk. It would fill the well up in a heavy rain and we were having trouble finding it so I just told him to get some goldfish. He did not have a sense of humor :blush: Thanks for letting us know what you found :approve: