Does anyone own a cab-over truck camper?

I noticed there aren't any forums dedicated to the truck camper. We are considering getting a used one for those 'side trips' when you want to leave your TT at the park and just travel light for a day or two. Any hints on the best brand? :)
Re: Does anyone own a cab-over truck camper?

Yeah we looked at a Lance several years ago and couldn't believe it cost almost as much as our truck did!
I'll keep looking for used ones. Too much money for me!
I hadn't heard of the Alpenlite so I'll check that out. TY
Re: Does anyone own a cab-over truck camper?

Used to have an old one when we first started out. It was made by Starcraft and even though it was old everything worked. Only gave $800 for it and sold it a year later for the same thing. Ours was the pop up type and only downside to that was that you can't reach the part over the cab to push in sides when you lower the top so we alway used a broom to push them in. I think Starcraft still makes a slide in with a pop up top. Makes for much less wind resistance.