Domestic frig recall


Might be old news but there is a recall on Domectic frigs made between April 1997 and May 2003. :(

You can check the model and serial number on and they will tell you if you have a recalled frig.

Most real camper dealers can fix you with the kit and install it at no charge.

Recall is due to a line that breaks and becimes a fire hazard


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RE: Domestic frig recall

We took our 5th wheel in a few weeks ago to have this recall fixed. Last weekend we went camping and blew acouple fuses. Anyway DH found that the "fix" was the cause. They laid a wire on top of the metal they put in to "fix" the problem and it shorted out the wires. Just thought I'd let you all know what to watch for if you need this fix.


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Re: Domestic frig recall

The Dometic recall "fix" is nothing but a glorified band-aid!
The problem is a crack, caused by stress, can open up at the bottom of the cooling unit by the burner. If the burner is running when the refrigerant solution leaks out it could cause a fire. Rather than fix the cooling units, they are only adding additional shielding and an additional thermal cut-off.

It will pretty much stop any chance of a fire, but doesn't resolve the potential cooling unit crack!