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[Dave Swinson] I have a 3 way Dometic fridge (royale) model No. RM3663. It is 4 years old. this past year while it was running on gas (propane) it would go into check quite often. Sometimes it would stay on all day and sometimes it would stay on for only 15 minutes to 1 hour. The fridge runs fine on 120 volt and 12 volt. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful.
Dometic Fridge

[Julian B. Anderson] Gary B&#039s suggestion may be your answer. certainly worth a try and I may try it myself as I have had the same problem. Other that I wish you luck. I have bought 3 new trailers over the past 15 years. All 3 had Dometic refrigerators and I have nothing but problems with all 3 of them. I might add that the problems with all of them occured withing the first 2 or 3 years. I have had 2 Dometic air conditioners and 1 out 2 of them was okay. My opinion of Dometic is not very high.

Dometic Fridge

[Rick] It is very likely that you controller board is bad; however, it may have failed due to a bad ground. Dometic has an update part to improve the ground. I would find out from Dometic if your unit needs the kit.

It would be a shame to replace the board and have it faildue to the bad ground.



I have heard good things about the dinosaur boards.
Dometic Fridge

[W.D.] What does it mean that your dometic holds up in check? I am looking for an answer to my problem with an earlier model several years older in which at times it won&#039t cool down to proper levels. Seems to work better in propane than 12/120. Instead of 38+ it wont come down to +46. Other times it does quite well. If this replacement board is the answer,I&#039ll try it to cure the problem,please tell me what "check" means.
Dometic Fridge

[Gary B] Hi WD, the newer electronic fridges have a check light that comes on if there is a failure in the system: ie failure to ignite on gas or flame goes out, interution of AC power or 12 VDC if a tree way fridge. If you have an electronic control, then it may be you circuit board, depending on how old your fridge is, it may not cool down on 12 VDC, only maintain the temp that it was when switched to 12VDC. You may want to check out this site for more information, hope this helps GB
Dometic Fridge

[Gary B] Dometic has had and ongoing ground problem for more than 6 years, and it causes circuit board failures, they have a grounding kit that cost $15 to $20.00, this will not revive a failed board but will help with a new one, But the Dinosaur board has an imprved ground built in cost less then a Dometic board and is warrented of 3 years instead of 1 yr. Happy trails GB
Dometic Fridge

[W.D.] Thanks Gary for the info. I suppose I had a check light on mine also,I have three lights and all are burned out. I knew that when I bought it. I like the info you gave and will look into it and hope that this may answer my question. We will see. WD
Dometic Fridge

[Bill Duplisea] Had the same problem recently, refer wouldn&#039t recycle on gas. Replaced ckt board, thremocouple, thermostat, then found weak igniter. OK since.
Dometic Fridge

[Kathleen] We had a simular problem and replaced our circuit board with a Dinosaur. Has been working fine. The 3 yr warrenty is only good if it is installed by a certified tech.