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24 degrees and holding. The unit is still under warranty but I really don't want to drive it 100 miles for it to set a a dealer for a week + if this is something I can replace. I'm leaving for a few days but will e mail Dometic when I get back to see if they will send me a new thermister. What du u think Ken and Rod?
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My fairly well educated thought is the thermister is stuck closed and the refer is running all the time. That is why it is 24 degrees.

Dometic will want Ohm readings on the thermister and will make their own decision. Even though is is fairly simple, I don't think they will want you to replace it. You do not need to go to your selling dealer for this. Surely there is a dealership closer to you that Dometic will work with.

Let us know
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Thanks for the help. Moved the thermistor and think it just wasn't making good contact. Working okay now. Okay...I'm going to fess up and this is hard b\eing a Texan and all. My refer brand is Norcold not Dometic. Ooophs!!!! Probably will be hearing from tex on this.


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ok now Jim ,, now i see u got a norcold ,, so if u need any help on it :dead:
hey i'm just kidding ,, my norcold freezes the milk kinda ,, but other than that no probs and bty does u'rs have the high humidity swtich on it ,, if so use that ,, it keeps the doors and stuff from getting really cold :cool: ;) :) :) :) :approve: :approve: