Dometic RM2801 Gas Electric

Dometic RM2801 Gas Electric

[Vern M.] Open the outside door. Plug in? Circuit breaker okay? Fuse in line anywhere out there (I don&#039t any longer own a Dometic so can&#039t remember). Feel heat in the right place when power control says it is on? If all of the above are working, it&#039s time to call/see a Dometic service outlet.

Vern M.
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Dometic RM2801 Gas Electric

[Gary R.] I have a new Dometic RM1272 and it would work perfect on Gas but would start to warm up when switched to electric. It was still under warranty so I took it in and the repairman said that there were TWO heaters for electricity and only one was working! He said he changed the bad one out and now it works good. I never knew that there were two heaters for electric! Good luck Gary.
Dometic RM2801 Gas Electric

[Dan] Marvin
There is a great web site that gives schematics and trouble shooting guide for rv refrig&#039s. I will look for the info in the morning and give you the info. It&#039s 11:30 pm now. Its a great site.