Donated RV


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Can anyone advise on how to get a donated RV? :blush:

I run a national non-profit (The Brass Ring Society) here in Alpine, Texas that reaches out to terminally ill children. We operate an art center and gallery with all proceeds used to benefit children. In addition to working with terminally ill children - which is a national program - we give art and photography lessons to all children free of charge. Our problem is that being in West Texas we are a long distance from anywhere and are unable to reach children on Indian reservations, small towns where budgets do not allow art/music programs and other kids who are never exposed to art, music and photography.

The RV we are seeking does not have to be new or fancy, just functional. Obviously we would like one that does not need a lot of engine or repair work. And since we will be going to some really small towns and reservations, it needs to be rugged. Our goal is to find one with a rear bedroom that we can strip and convert into a studio but almost any will do. We would also consider a class C which would pull a trailer with the art supplies.

There is a lot more to this but you get the idea. If you know of any RV's that people no longer wait and they could use the tax deduction, I would love to hear about it.