Drain hoses on 262t Skamper

Hi, I'm new to the forum, and camping as well. We just bought a 1994 Skamper 262t, and the owners manual is not real clear on the drain hoses.

There is one just in front of the tires on the left side, directly below the the water heater, I assume this drains the water heater.

There are two in the rear left of center, right beside each other. I assume one is to drain the dreshwater tank, but what is the other? And how can I tell which one is which?

I appreciate any help yoiu can give me.


C Nash

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Drain hoses on 262t Skamper

Hello Larry,
Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of camping. I think the two drains that are located together are the low point drains for your hot and cold water pipes. Most hot water heaters just drain behind the grill. I would think the single drain is for the fresh water tank. Is it located around the fresh water tank? I have never owned a scamper but, most rvs that I have owned used basically the same means for draining. I do not depend on the drains to remove all water during freezing weather. I by-pass the water heater, after draining, and either blow out the lines with air pressure (use low air pressure) or add rv antifreeze. Jump in with your opinions. good luck and enjoy

Chelse L. Nash
Drain hoses on 262t Skamper

I'm not sure where the fresh water tank is. This is a 26 foot travel trailer. One of the drain hoses is directly below the water heater, and the other two come out right beside each other in the back by the bumper. The manual speaks of water heater drain, water line drain, and water tank drain. But, it gives no clues which are which!

Thanks for your answer, I'm looking forward to spending some time in the camper!