Draw-Tite and Reese


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I have a Draw-Tite weight distribution hitch and would like to add a Reese dual cam sway control. I have been told they are the same company. Do the two mentioned units match up OK?

Thanks, Dean
Draw-Tite and Reese

Hi Dean, I thought about adding a dual cam setup to my reese hitch and was told you must have square spring bars. So if your spring bars are round that you must buy new bars as well as the hitch head.


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Draw-Tite and Reese

My Draw-Tite bars are round where they fit in receiver, but square on the chain end. Which end are you talking about?

Draw-Tite and Reese

I just purchased a new fifth wheel hitch from drawtite, and posted in the store is a letter from Reese/Drawtite. The letter stated that the only difference were the decals on the hitches.


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Draw-Tite and Reese

Dean, On another web site a poster had the same question. He e-mailed Draw-Tite and they said the add on Dual Cam system will work with the round Draw-Tite bars. On the flat ends of the bars, you bolt on the cam and the rest of the system is the same as the square bar type. You can see this setup at http://www.reesehitch.com/sway_control.html
Hope this helps you out.

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