Drilling Rig Count and Location

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Why don't you Texicans go take over Florida and force someone to drill. :evil: Alaska is so far away from the rest of the US they should just go start drilling where they want. There that sloves the problem. :clown:

Tex, Why does diesel cost more than gas when it's easier to refine. Also, diesel doesn't require every town to have a different blend to satisfy the GREENIES. I just don't get it with diesel. We should have more diesel cars and be using it more like Europe. Small diesel cars get close to 50mi/gallon.
Re: Drilling Rig Count and Location

Actually, you just went through the change in diesel that makes it so expensive today.

There aren't any simple solutions. Our refineries are at or above capacity all the time. They just switch product streams at different times of the year. This has been going on for 20 years that I know of, and it has only gotten worse with new demands on our refineries, but no new refining capabilities have been added (allowed to be added.)

They just switch one thing off to produce another. Inventories go down; prices go up.

Refining is like food. The more you do to the raw materials; the more the final product is going to cost.
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Gulf Oil...you do remember Gulf?, was the last oil company to build a "grass roots" refinery in the US. It was a relatively small as for as BPD built in the early 70's in Aliance, La., just south of New Orleans. Humble Oil, now Exxon expanded refining capacity at its Benicia refinery in the mid 70's... not much has been done since. Oh except some of the small independents closed due to government regs. Its ok though, bro Al has us making fuel from grain and pretty soon bread will cost more than gas. My 2 cents on this subject. The Texas constitution allows us to succeed from the union...now there's a thought. We could join OPEC and wear bed sheets. I better shut up..............
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Here's the rig count map as of July 15, 2008.

You'll notice (if you look very carefully) that there is slightly more 'oil' drilling activity. However, you don't see much increase in the Colorado shell country or on the east and west coasts or near Florida.


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Re: Drilling Rig Count and Location

Thanks Tex, keep us abreast on what going on with the drilling. This info is very interesting.