drivers side doors


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We are considering buying our first motorhome (a 36 foot Class A). My wife would like to have a drivers side door to be used as an emergency exit if necessary. We have been told by dealers that a door creates a lot of wind noise and also decreases the intergrety of the frame. Any comments or, better yet, experiences? Thanks

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drivers side doors

Hi jerrylep,
Bet the M/H you were looking at the dealer didn't have a driver door!! Probably if it had a door they would tell you all the reasons you needed one. Have one on ours and never noticed any wind noise so far. Man, if this weaken the structure think what those slide must do! I have never really used the door that much, easier to get out the entrance door. Course, like anything else, it's there and could give problems. I personally would not let it be a deciding factor in buying. Good luck


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drivers side doors

In the last 5 years we have had a 31' without a driver's door and now a 35' with one. I would want a driver's door on our next rig too. Wind noise from the mirrors is louder than from the door seals. As mentioned by C Nash, structural integrity is a non-issue. If they can build a 14' slidout then a 30" door opening will not be a problem. We are still weekend warriors and I find I use the driver's door regularly when refueling, dumping, registering at campgrounds, doing a walkaround at rest stops and so on. My wife doesn't get upset any more at dirty foorprints across the living room carpet.

All the motorhomes I have seen for the last number of years have one emergency exit equipped window in the bedroom. In a situation where you are in the front seats, and can't get out of the main entry door, the bedroom emergency would also be impossible to reach. Without a driver's door you can kick out any other window big enough to fit through except the windshield. IMHO it is a convenience issue, not a safety one. Good luck.

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