Dual Hitch Receivers


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I am looking for a Dual Hitch Receiver to haul bikes between my tow vehicle and our travel trailer. The only one I can seem to find is one rated for 4000 lbs. They must make one that is rated for a higher towing weight. The dry weight of the travel trailer is 5000 lbs. Does anybody know of a manufacturer that produces a dual hitch receiver rated higher than 4000 lbs? Thanks for the help.


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Re: Dual Hitch Receivers

Dry weight is empty. You'll want a hitch which can handle the GVWR (maximum weight) of the trailer. And make sure that the weight of the bikes plus the pin weight of the trailer do not exceed the pin weight of the hitch on your tow vehicle...


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RE: Dual Hitch Receivers

Both Roadmaster and BluOc have a dual hitch reciever that go to 10K towing.. They are solid ball mounts with the over under receivers welded approximately 4 inches apart..... Good for rack and tow.. The noticebale problem is the receiver are directly ovr one another..

There are alos a couple bike racks designed for receiver mounting with a tow behind the rack reciever.. that allows for a 2000 pound tow capacity.

In any case. watch the extmsions as they reduce tow and tongue weight capacities by 20-30 % for each 6 inches of extension...