Dually slide-in?

I could really use some help here. I am looking at buying a 1-ton dually truck to mount a slide-in camper.(I don't own a camper yet). I haven't seen a slide-in that will work as the corner jacks don't look like they will clear the dually fenders when taking the camper on & off the truck. This is a major factor in purchasing the truck. Will I be able to find a camper that fits?
Dually slide-in?

I drive a 99 F350 dually and used to own a Lance 10' camper. You're right, its a tight fit. I upgraded to swingout mounts for the front jacks when I bought the dually but it only gave me about 1 1/2" on either side. Not a problem if you're installing the camper on pavement or cement pad. But if you're on dirt, and the gound is moist or just rained, the truck sometimes will slide on you. What a pain. I used 1/2" of washers under the front jack swing out mounts to gain a little bit more clearance. It helped, but you still cant mount the camper if the ground is damp. We sold the truck camper earlier this year since we dont go off road that much anymore and use a 24' travel trailer. I dont really think I needed a dually for stability when the camper was on, but more for better stopping power. More rubber on the road makes stopping 10,000lbs of truck and camper easier. If I were to do it again, I wouldnt go with a dually for a truck camper. Much easier to mount without the dually. Just my opinion. We used that truck camper for about 8 years. Drove to Alaska with it (6 week trip) and spent a lot of time in the great north west mountains.
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Dually slide-in?

Thanks a bunch. I talked to a guy at work & he mentioned the movable jacks as well. I test drove the dually & have to admit I don't want to deal with it as my only vehicle. I just figured the stability would be worth it. I plan to mount a camper & tow my trail jeep behind on an 18' trailer.
I figured there had to be a reason I never see dually's with slide-ins.

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Dually slide-in?

Hi Sauer, welcome to the forum, if you haven't see a dually's with slide-in campers you haven't been looking very much. Its the only way to go with a large slide-in and if you going to tow the jeep you'll want the stability and the braking power. We have had our dually since 1993 and have had 2 slide-in during that time, our first camper we just had the extra wide jack brackets, but with our Lance I went with the Attwood swing out brackets and they work great, I have had no problems loading my camper, and I do it by myself all the time. The stability that a dually provides plus having 4 tires on the rear where you'll be carring a heavy load is just plain cheap insurance, and makes the driving sooooo much easier. We have been to Alaska 3 times and all over the western US with our rig and its the only way to go when traveling a lot IMHO. Good luck with your search
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Dually slide-in?

Thanks. I agree about the dually being much better for a tow rig. I haven't seen the dually/slide-in combo simply because I've never been interested in getting a camper before. Now I check every one out that I spot along the road.