Dumping Issues

Hi Everyone.

We are currently doing a massive remodel on our house and living in our TT in the meantime. We were originally told (by the dealer) that we could drain our grey/black water tanks directly into the main sewer line for the house. So essentially that is what we have done. As a side note there is no plumbing (other than the main sewer line and the main water line) or fixtures in the house. The only thing draining is what we dump from the trailer.

Here's the thing. I was just told by someone this morning that we should be very careful that the city doesn't find out what we are doing because they could fine us. Well we have workers and inspectors at our place all the time so I don't know how much of a "secret" it is, but I'm worried now. The issues is that by dumping the tank you can "shock" the city's system and cause problems.

We have a family of five living in this TT and we can't go long without needing to drain our tanks. Any ideas on how I should handle this? Should I call the city or the dealer? Should we just keep doing what we are doing till the city tells us to stop? Anyone deal with this kind of thing before?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Dumping Issues

I would guess each and every town or city has their own rules and regulations. You did not say where your live, but you might want to see if you could ask questions without creating a problem for yourself. I know a lot of people around here having ports into their septic.

I really don't think you are putting anything in your septic system out of your trailer that you wouldn't from your home.

You know the old saying "it is easier to ask forgivness than to ask permission" :laugh:
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Dumping Issues

Thanks Grandview.

I think I'll try and make an annonymus call to the city. We don't have a septic tank our main sewer line runs underground to the street and the city's sewer line. I think if we did have a septic tank we wouldn't be faced with this issue. ~sigh~

Dumping Issues

Are you getting a "minimum" water/sewer bill from the city while you are remodeling? If so I would say you are paying for what you are dumping. And I agree with Ken. You're not putting anything in there that you don't put in from the house.


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Dumping Issues

It would depend upon the regulations in your community, but the dumping will not cause a serious problem. The fact is that if you were to put in a private dump station on your property, it would do exactly the same thing. In fact, the RV parks that are on city sewer systems do that same thing, but in larger volume!
Dumping Issues

Be quiet about it and don't worry. 40 gals or 80 gals of sewage to a municiple treatment facility treating thousands of gallons is nothing. The ratio of fresh water to sewage wouldn't change by your amount. You would be surprised to know the amount of water loss in the water mains of every system. As for shocking the system, no way. Municiple sewage systems incorporate holding tanks also to deal with high usage rates and treat the sffulent from the holding tanks at a less busy time. Also keep in mind every drop of fresh water is not returned to the sewage treatment plant, fire depts. fill tanks, people wash cars etc. If anyone asks, tell them it's being looked after as you are on a serviced property, they should be minding their own buisness anyway. Anyway that's the way I see it. :laugh: