Eaz-lift Sway Bar

As a rookie to towing, how important is it to have this sway bar attached to a 18' Travel trailer weighing 2,000# ? I can't figure out how tight to make it. It seems that if I make it too tight it might impair turning. Thanks for any input.
Eaz-lift Sway Bar

I have always used a sway bar except on a pop-up I once had. Have seen many trailers without them swaying all over the highway,just an accident waiting to happen. I tighten it "snug" with one hand enough so the handle wont be in the way,then loosen it up upon entering a campground,or when driving on wet roads. Be safe.
Eaz-lift Sway Bar

At 2000# your trailer weigh's two thirds of what my Pop-up does, and I don't have a sway bar! I doubt you'll need a lot on there for something that lite weight...
Eaz-lift Sway Bar

Thanks for your input.
As long I have it, I might as well us it. Won't hurt anything. So leave it kinda loose til right before I get on the interstate then tighten it down pretty good. Is that the way the big boys do it?
Thanks again.