ECC module

Got the thermal fuse at Radio shack for my hot water heater. $1.59, sure beats $17.00 from Fleetwood. Anyway, now I'm searching for the ECC module, as I bought a switch that makes the fan go off when the A/C compressor goes off. But have to plug it into the ECC module. One thing says its under the Ref, and another says its next to the Distrubition panel. Well their across the coach from each other and the Dist panel looks like a lot of work to remove. Any Bounder owners know where it is???? Thanks


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ECC module

You might try sending the maker of bounder an email and ask them for an electric diagram/schmatic. I sent request to Winnebago for my older 89 and they emailed me the water system layout and the electrical system schmatics......sure has come in handy tracing things.
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ECC module

Found the ECC control module. Had e-mailed Fleetwood and they told me it was next to the fuse panel under the ref. Well the fuse panel is not under the ref. Anyway, in the storage cabinet next to thefuse panel, the side panel comes off with 4 screws and its behind the fuse panel, but you can't get to it by pulling off the fuse panel cause of the wiring. So any Bounder owners, that's where it is on a 34J.