Editing a post or reply.

Currently, when you enter a post or reply to a post, you have 30 minutes to edit what you enter after you SUBMIT the text. Presumably, this allows you to see what it looks like, reread it, or just change your mind.

It would be disruptive to the thread of posts if someone were to come back after a long time and edit or delete a key post. All of the replies would be hanging there with no object to point to.

However, one could argue that it might take longer than 30 minutes to think through a post or calm down after posting a hot reply.

In your opinion, how long should one have to edit the text of a post or reply that one has submitted to the forum?
Re: Editing a post or reply.

The polls are out! The long-timers are split! There's dissention in the ranks. The status-quo is tied with the long-timers, but the long-timers could lose at any minute! They can't agree on anything, but the status-quo is looking like it will win!

Register your vote today! Don't let them get by with it!
Re: Editing a post or reply.

Hi lads & lassies,I see you two are hogging the airwaves again, so if I promise to vote for you Tex, maybe you & chelse can give me some advice, as you know I'm building a fiver and will hope to travel over there with it, what I need to know is what are the power hook-ups over there, 110volt single phase at what amperage? also do you have any problems with reverse polarity if so how bad is the problem? although my trailer will be completly legal & tested over here in UK are there any Goverment bodies over there that would have to inspect it to make sure it is upto your standards. I think that is it but if you can think of anything that may be of relevent use please let me know,many thanks in advance, now then What are we voting for? :laugh::laugh::laugh:Bazzer UK.
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Why won't the Emoticons work properly they come up on preveiw but are missing when I submit?????. :angry: :angry: :angry:
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Would you look at that, It seems that TEX & Chelse have up set this thread so it won't show happy emoticons,just what we need a thread with attitude, :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

C Nash

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Bazzar, We do not have many problems with reverse polarity anymore but, a checker would be advised. 110 volt, 15, 30 and 50 amp service. If your rv is taged, insured and proper lighting you should have no problem here. How is it coming along? Will you be just visting or here to stay? If the latter you may have to have it inspected here. Just remember all this info is just from a airway hog :eek: :laugh: :bleh: