Eliminate sewer mess


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Just a tip I want to pass on to others that may be interested. The worst part of dumping the wastewater tanks is the smell and mess that comes with uncoupling the sewer hose and trying to drain what's left inside it and coil it up and put it away without getting anything on you. Yuck! I just installed a macerator pump. It was an aftermarket unit (pplmotorhomes.com) that I bought for approx. $230 I think. Anyway, it installs in about 2 min. and another 15 min to hook up the cord to a 12V source and a 25 foot garden hose. Be sure and get the superflexible hose and a plastic screw on end cap from a hardware place. Operation as follows: To dump, just open the black tank valve, uncoil the hose, remove the cap and push the start button. It sucks out and grinds everything up into a soupy mixture (I know - TMI) and empties 10 gallons in 5 seconds. Then stop the pump and open the gray water valve and let the gray water equalize into the black tank for about 2 minutes. This helps to rinse out the black tank. Then start the pump again until the gray and black tanks are drained (10 more sec.). Then stop the pump and go inside the rv and drain all your fresh water into the gray and black tanks for a final rinse. Then blow all that out and it cleans out the tanks and the pump and the hose. Now close the two drain valves, screw the hose end cap on and your'e done. When you coil up the hose, there is nothing that can spill out and you never touch anything dirty. The pump has sufficient pressure to push this stuff uphill at least 15 feet. Also notice that you don't have to have your hose on a downhill slope or anything. It's all just too much and I'm so happy that I just can't stand it. I will never own a rv again without adding a macerator pump to it. :laugh: