Email while on road

Hey gang..this is all new to me.. what do I need in my RV to travel and do email and fax..act like I have a virtual office..have worked out of homne for past 13 we want to travel. thanks :)


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Email while on road

Grant, welcome to the forum. There are several options. You can use satellite connectivity like Verizon, etc. You will need either a full PC or a LAPtop. This would be wireless type connection. can stay at a campground where you can connect to a local phone line, either right at your site (this is what we do, but we stay at a site for 4-5 about $20.00 per month for no frills line, just to be able to dial up local number to get into Worldnet web site for my web stuff/emails). Some campgrounds have a local line at the office for hooking up your laptop for internet access. Good luck :) :laugh: :cool: