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I have a 330 cummins Last trip three weeks ago all ran great.Went on a trip last week and it runs great till you come to a small hill or push on the fuel then the Engine bucks like a gas engine with a plug wire off.Once no more presser on the engine it runs great again.Has anyone had this happen or any ideal what could be wrong.Or a good guess. Thanks
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Hears my guess:
You have air getting into your fuel delivery system which leans out under high engine effort.
Check your fuel lines for tightness and if you have any rubber fuel hoses, replace them.
Change the fuel filter and check for tight fittings.
Clean your water separator.
If that doesn't solve problem, check fuel pump for proper flow pressure.
Let us know how it turns out
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Thanks,Going to change both fuel filters this weekend.Hope that takes care of it.Will let you know.