Engine Problem

This past weekend I was driving my motorhome @ 55mph when it shuttered and the "check engine" light came on. It almost stalled, but I was able to keep it running to get home. (5 Miles) The oil level and trans. fluid was OK when I checked it. It is a 1997 Ford 460cu. in. Holiday Rambler. This is the 2nd time this happened, but when I start it again it seems to run fine. Any ideas what could be the problem? Or should I go straight to the Ford dealer & pay the big bucks? Funds are low so I'd really appreciate any help.

Gary B

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Engine Problem

Hi Bob, I'd take it to Ford and have them read the computer codes, that way you can make a sensiable decision on what to do. The cost of reading the codes isn't that much, sounds like a sensor but which one is the question. You don't have to go to Ford any good auto shop can read the codes, good luck hope it isn't too hard to repair. :) :bleh: :approve:
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Engine Problem

Gary gave good advice. Also if the engine does not keep proper fuel pressure (Low / clogged filter, etc). Are you low on fuel?? On my P/U I have two tanks when one runs abt empty the light will come on when the pressure drops, and go off when the tanks are switched to more fuel. Fuel cap loose or engine left running when cap removed can cause this also. You can continue to run when the check engine light comes on with no problem. that lite is amber. If RED lite on Stop and get service. (I am a retired Ford technician)