Entry Level Class A Advice?

Have a 29' (28A) Four-Winds Class C. Want to upgrade to Class A, entry level with slide(s).

Any suggestions? Advices or experience would be appreciated.

Any thoughts on Hurricaine, Windsport, Daybreak? etc.


C Nash

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Entry Level Class A Advice?

Four Winds
Be sure to check the cargo carrying capacity on any unit you look at. The more options that they have will generally reduce the CCC. Try to get at least 2000 lbs of CCC 3000 would be great. Windsports generally have a lot of options already there but the ones I looked at several year ago had low ccc.but, they were good looking units. Ratio of wheelbase to length is really important in the handling. I like the 22" tires over the 19 and ford and workhorse offer them now. Seem to give a better ride. I think the daybrake is a damon unit and a lot of people have bashed them but, i would not hesitate to buy one. Fleetwood products are also bashed a lot on some forums but there are probably more Fleetwood units on the road than any other. Road test before you buy and not just around the block.Good luck

LuAnn Grubb

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Entry Level Class A Advice?

I have just about the same situation - We have a Class C Coachmen Santara - We are looking at the Windsport & Gulfstream Sunvoyager -
I really like the Windsport :)


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Entry Level Class A Advice?

RV mfgrs as a group do not deliver the quality and workmanship that we are used to in autos or boats of equivalent pricing. There are a few who have consistently good marks for quality, workmanship and how they back up their warranty promises. Test drive, talk to a lot of people, go to shows, check the forums and cross your fingers. Generally, try to buy at the top end of any mfgrs offerings in any price point. If you shop around, there are a lot of super deals on used Class A's. Check all the sales sites on the internet and you will be amazed.
My experience has been with a Winnebago Chieftain and it has been excellent in all areas i.e. workmanship, quality and total backup of their warranty. Good luck :cool: