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hello! My husband and I are about to become full time rvers, brand new rvers, and homeless. We have our house on the market and that's all we need. We have 99% decided on an Alfa SeeYa Gold motorhome. We've never even been in one! We are just going to do it. We're too old to start small and work up. What we need help on is: establishing residency. Our own state would be very expensive taxes, and insurance. We are willing to go to Nevada and purchase a small piece of land, if necessary. We've also heard Oregon in taxes friendly. We do not need to orverly consider personal income tax (much of our income is tax free). Please give us advice if you have the inclination and time. Thanks!
establish residency

Hello and welcome to the forum. From what you say in your message, I gather you are in the western side of the country. An employee of my just got back from Florida. He talked to the DMV there a couple of weeks ago. He has some friends who live there and are letting him use their address. He has titled his trailer here in VA and the DMV their told him that after 6 months he could move the registery to FL and there would be no taxes charged to retitle. He is headed back at that time in the spring and do it. If you title there first, the rate is pretty steep, but no property tax. Good Luck
establish residency

Hello again. I meant to say this earlier. I do not sell motorhomes so I am not trying to twist your arm in any way. I am also not saying Alfa is a bad choice, but one advise I have for you is to SHOP. You say you have not been in the coach you have decided (almost) to buy. With the amount of money you are probably about to spend, there is a lot out there to look at.

I don't know your situation, but that is my advice.

Again, Good Luck

C Nash

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establish residency

Clancy, I agree with Grandview. Have you ever owned a camper or been camping? Fulltiming is a huge step to take from living in your own home. You will have to store all your belongings or get rid of all of it. Might consider just renting out your home and trying the life style first. renting a MH is another option and trying for awhile. You will suffer a huge loss in the MH if you decide to sell after a few years. I would never buy a MH and not go inside and sitting in the chairs, checking the bed, sitting on the john (don't use) :eek: , watching tv etc. Lot of great units out there so go to shows, dealers, internet and talk with other campers before making a decision. Not trying to discourage but just go slow. It's a great lifestyle if it's for both of you.


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establish residency

We have been fulltime RVers now for nearly six years and we have owned RVs for 30 years. You are making a very large mistake if you choose one RV without ever even looking at any other. There are many different opinions of what makes the best RV and every different type has people who successfully live in one. But those same people would not be happy if they had not chosen an RV that fits.

And to buy one for fulltime travel with no RV experience is very foolish and risky. I strongly suggest that you start by renting and RV for an extended trip to first see if you like this way of life.

The next issue is the one of where to choose for a residency. There is a very great amount to consider for this choice too since it will effect all of your life events, even to estate planning. So take a good close look. Probably the easiest way and clearly the best support system is to join the ( Escapees RV Club as they can supply everything needed to become a Texas resident. They also offer a free booklet on how to do this.

I hope that you will take some time to give serious thought to this. As much as we love the fulltime RV lifestyle, I really advise you to do some in depth study before you go too far.
establish residency

Oregon is definately NOT tax friendly. True they don't have sales tax, but if you have any income, you will pay through the nose. My daughter lives in Oregon and I do her income tax, while she is doing much better now, it made me sick when she had a smaller income, and I looked at what the state took from her check. There are several other states without income tax. They are:Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. Florida, New hampshire, and Tennessee all have taxes of one type or another on investments and interest bearing vehicles. Some are a bit fiendlier to establishe residency in than others. I would have a good long talk with an accountant. It would be worth it.
establish residency

you really need to make the residency decision first, then buy the motorhome. the MH has substantial sales taxes due on purchase. There is not a good all in one solution to cover all the tax issues.

If you are paying cash for the MH, Montana is the way to go, but then you wont own the unit, your LLC will, However, after 6 months, you can move the title to FL and there is no sales tax
look in classifieds Highways or Trailer Life mags for Montana reps and FL reps
Being a FL resident has always been a good move, but it requires a visit to FL, a residential address in FL and a representative at that address, in case the state actually comes looking for you. For instance, in this litigious society, you never know when a summons will appear. IF you are not properly represented, the summons could turn into a warrant, you dont want that!!!!

if you are not paying cash for the MH, then SC is the place to register since the sales tax is capped at 300.00, then wait 6 months and move to FL otherwise you will have a hefty property tax bill to pay. It is also recommended to buy the MH prior to July 1

if you need more info, call 302 724 4677 they register vehicles from all over the country and have good insurance contacts too
establish residency

In 2004, we purchased a new 5th wheel and Dodge 3500 in Georgia. Sales tax on both purchases was capped at $300.00 each. Parked the 5th wheel in South Carolina while we drove to Tennessee. Used a friend's address in Tennessee to register the 5er and truck and changed my driver's license over to a TN license with a 10 year expiration date. Total cost for the 2 registrations and license was $86.00 with NO additional taxes. Renewed the tags on the 5er and truck for 2005 and 2006 by mail. Total cost to renew was $36.00 each year.

Rural Tennessee has no income tax, no vehicle inspections, no proof of insurance. You can pick up a piece of land (3-5 acres) already developed (usually with a mobile home on the property) for about 20 grand.

Good luck on your new adventure!

Re: establish residency

Hi Muffy (and Hubby),
Like you and your hubby I also decided to purchase an RV. What fitted my needs and lifestyle was also the Alfa. I visited, boarded and looked at countless RV's deciding which suited my needs. The quality of the workmanship is second to none. The ALfa is without a doubt a wise choice. The galley facilities and the interior/exterior storage areas is more than ample and so conviently located. My desires for elegance, plushiness of leather furnishings, the solid Oak interior trim and massive interior storage always drew me back to the Alfa. I won't even go into the 7'-6" ceiling height.

Unlike some of the responders to your questions I feel you most likely have extensively investigated as many RV's as I have. In the final analysis, I purchased an 05 See Ya Gold-40'. I am quite new to RVing so this is also my first experience purchasing one. I can relate to and understand your statement about starting small and working up. I have absolutely no regrets. I recently drove it on a 17 hour trip to KY and was amazed at the quiteness and smooth ride. As good a ride as I receive in my Lincoln auto. AND that's saying a lot.

I dd make a few changes that best suited my needs. I installed an elongated "hi boy" toilet for the extra height as I am over 6" tall. Also purchased an U-Line ice maker. This type of ice maker not only makes great ice, but as important, the ice stays frozen like your home fridge, unlike ALL of the $200/$300 ice makers. It only takes up 14' of space in the basement.

As far as registering my MH, I will get back to you on that. After reading some of the comments on this site, and living in Virginia, I am inclined to make inquires in SC or TN.

Good Luck and Happy RVING.