Exporting from Canada to the U.S.

[Larry J] I want to buy an RV in Canada and Export it to the U.S. sinse the U.S. dollar goes much farther there I&#039ll get a much better price. I&#039m just curious if anyone has done this recently and what I need to do. Any idea on additional costs would be helpful such as Custom Tarrifs, Import Taxes, Paperwork, etc... or if you can point me in the direction of some good information.

Any help is appreciated.
Exporting from Canada to the U.S.

[Butch] I checked into this a couple of times for the same reason. Never followed thru with it solely because I could not find exactly what I wanted. Was told at the time that all one has to do is pay the taxes. I don&#039t know what taxes. You might check out the site below or call a U.S. customs office. Happy Motoring, Butch - Nancy Lake, Alaska

Exporting from Canada to the U.S.

[mark c] Dont you think they just increase the price for the rv in canada to make up for the weak dollar up there
The price will be more for the same unit up there so why bother going through all the problems and taxes to bring it back??

enjoy the ride rv for life......
Exporting from Canada to the U.S.

[Butch] Having done quite alot of shopping thru out Canada for the last 37 years, I definetly don&#039t think that. Happy motoring, Butch - Nancy Lake, Alaska
Exporting from Canada to the U.S.

[Larry J.] I have contacted U.S. Customs and they said just go buy it and when it gets to the port of entry which in my case is Detroit you have to fill out some paperwork and show that it meets USDoT standards (by getting a letter from the company that builds it) and thats it for customs. They don&#039t charge anything, at least on towables. Not sure if they charge for motorized or not. You do however have to pay your state sales taxes on the RV. In Michigan that would be 6% of the total price payable at the time you register the vehicle and get the licencing done.

I&#039ve done allot of research on this and I know what model I want and what it will cost me to purchase it in Canada -vs- the U.S. and even with my new found knowledge of having to pay the sales tax it will still save me about 20% less than any deal I found in the states. Considering that the Canadian dealership is only about 1 1/2 hours away from my house I&#039d say its a great idea for folks that live near Canada to look in to. Sure I&#039m not getting the 52 cents on the dollar exchange rate but hey 20% saved is better then nothing. I could even cut about $200 more off the price if I drove to the factory which is only about 5 hours away and picked it up myself thus cutting out the delivery charges you get from the dealer.

Anyway, for some folks this is a good idea. Specially if the Canadian dealer is really close like in my case. If you live in a southern state this may not be such a great idea though. Just depends on what kind of savings you can get by doing it.