Exporting your RV to europe


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Hi All,

I love the site, I hope I'm posting this is the right place, if not sorry in advance.

I currently live in Ireland and am considering buying an RV in teh Us and shipping it to here.

I'm finding it quite difficult to find out about shipping costs and related charges (every website I visit is more sales than info).

Has anyone here ever doen anything like this or have any info that might help me?



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Re: Exporting your RV to europe

Why would you want to???

You have 220 volt power... the RV would be set up for 120Volt 60 Hz.

You have left hand drive... we have right.

I also would check with your licenceing authority. A US made RV may not meet with the required approval to be used on your roads so you could never licence it. (eg. too wide, wrong seat belt, unapproved breaks, hitch etc etc.)

All the interior wireing is 120 volt.... you could not buy appliances locally.

Shipping might be the easiest part of the whole deal....