Extended storage


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Which would be best... storing my rig on the jacks or letting all the air out of the air bags? It's in an unheated building in the northen region, if that would make any difference.


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Re: Extended storage

I'm not sure, however here are some points to consider.

I'd definitely let the air out of the air bags. In fact, on my unit, when you deploy the jacks the first thing it does is deflate the air bags if you haven't already.

Next, the jacks have an exposed 'piston' when extended. My manual says that I should lubricate them weekly when extended, and every few days if extended in humid environments. I intuit that to mean that the pistons could corrode. The roughness would then rip the seals and would require refinishing to avoid damaging replacement seals.

So, I would be leary about storing for an extended period with the jacks down. And if that was good for other things on the motorhome, I would look for something to protect the exposed, unprotected, surfaces of the jacks from dirt and corrosion.