Extended Warranty Info Needed


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We are purchasing a used motor home. The dealership offers extended warranty called RV Elite it is adminstrated by Phoenix American. Can anyone tell about this company and if they have had good expirences with them? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Extended Warranty Info Needed

I stay away from all extended warranties. I found out they are not worth the money
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Re: Extended Warranty Info Needed

Many Extended warrantees are out and out scams. They collect a bunch of fees and then go bankrupt when the bills start coming in. Other write the contract so it is virtually impossible to meet the criteria to collect. Make sure you read the CONTRACT, not the sales brochure before signing, and investigate the solvency of both the issuing agency AND their re-insurer.

Policies from a dealer are almost always way over priced. Whatever they are asking for it, you ought to be able to get it for much less (perhaps even half).

There are 2 types: inclusive and exclusive. Inclusive policies list what they will cover and will cover NOTHING ELSE. Exclusive policies list what they will NOT cover, and everything else is covered. Exclusive is better. Make sure you follow the requirements to get coverage to the letter, or you will likely be stiffed.