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Well we made the plung and bought a new SunnyBrook 2750SLEm fifth wheel. Now how about the extended warrenties? What do you guys think of em? They want about 1300 bucks for a seven year plan that covers things like the refrig, heater, air conditioner and the slide mech. There are other things but nothin major. What are your feelings? Dometic makes the refer and the air conditioner don't know about the stove and water heater. I would guess they are Atwood. The plan they want to sell me is Interstate Star RV. Anyone heard of em? If you like the extended warrenties who's are good and how much should they cost?

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Extended Warrenties

You have to read these things very very carfully and know exactly what they will cover. It also depends on how a repair facility words a repair to be or has been done for the extended warranty company to pay it off. They mnake a lot of money selling these warranties so buyer beware!

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Extended Warrenties

Hi Gary, Me again!:)
We purchased an extended warranty with our Sunnybrook and have never used it. It I were to do it again, I would pass on the extended warranty and just bank the money. Remember, some of that 7 years is going to be covered by the manufacturers warranty anyway.
You pay your money and take your chances. Could be that the warranty would pay off for you- you never know. I have read that some (especially motor-homers) have really been saved by having an extended warranty. Personally, I would pass.
By the way, congratulations on your new Sunnybrook. You will not be sorry.

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Extended Warrenties


I just bought a new Newmar Kountry Star 35ft. fifth wheeler, and I bought the extended warranty. The dealer assured me that if handled properly, which meant contacting them if anything went wrong after the manufacturers warranty was out then it was covered and that they would assist in handling the problem.

Maybe I did wrong, but I went with an extended warranty on my f-350 tubodiesel dualie also. I just do not want to worried with a hassle if something goes wrong for the first seven years with either product.


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Extended Warrenties

As was said earlier, read them very carefully to ensure that there are no 'gotchas'. I had one on my old truck with covered the entire engine except one part, and guess which part went south... Also, there have been cases where companies sold a bunch of contracts and then folded.

Also, there appears to be a huge margin in these from dealers. I bought 1 on a truck and 1 on a 5th wheel, and in both cases I ended up paying about 1/2 the quoted price. On my new truck, I bought from a very good company with good price, great history and excellant terms; there may be an equivalent company for RVs but I don't know of any.