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As the new owner of a Newmar Kountry Star fifth wheel, I have a lot of questions, but really would like to know about exterior care. I've had the unit for a total of five weeks, most in storage, and have already noticed the start of the dreaded "black streaks".

What are your recommendations for cleaning these things off, and what type of wax or silicone protective do you use to help keep these things from coming back? I live in a humid, hot area. Are these things a result of mildew, or what causes them?

I really do not want to have to wash this rig every two weeks to keep it looking good, so I'm looking for advice from you "professional long term owners".

2002 Newmar Kountry Star 35LKSA
2002 F-350 turbodiesel dually
Exterior Care

I have found that if you clean the gutters on the edge of the roof thoroughly that it will eliminate a lot of the streaking problems. Looks like some sort of mildew or other creatures live there wanting to turn the sides black as the water flows over them. I scrubbed mine out and even used a small amount of bleach to kill the critters. Be careful with this however, it will cause the vinyl/rubber on the coach to yellow if exposed to it very long.
Some of you guys may have a better solution...

C Nash

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Exterior Care

Don't think there is a cure for those dreaded black deamons :( . I guess inside storage is the best answer and then it probably would have to be climate control. I used a good automotive wax and it made them easy, well easier, to remove. They will wash off if you have a good coat of wax underneath :) .


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Exterior Care

There is a product on the market called "black streak remover", you can get it in any boat store. You simply spray it on and wipe the black streaks off. Does not hurt the finish. I've used it for years on my boats as well a my Class B.

I wipe on a teflon coating instead of a wax, find it in any automotive section. It does help keep the streaks off. The water just seams to run off of the teflon, and therefore doesn'streak. Try it just in one area, and you will see the difference. It also helps keep the unit clean, as dirty water does not seem to adhere as readily as without it. I put in on twice a year, spring and fall. My unit always looks showroom new.

Exterior Care


Just a point to ask. Do you mean that you put on a coat of teflon as you said, or do you mean silicone? I've never heard of teflon to apply to an automobile or RV exterior.

2002 F-350 turbodiesel dually
2002 Newmar Kountry Star 35LKSA fifth wheel
Exterior Care

Buck, Was in Walmart over the weekend. They sell the "Black mark remover". Sorry don't remember the price.


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Exterior Care

You asked,
"Waxing an RV is kinda new to me. Is this really a regular part of RV maintenance?"

In my opinion YES!! :approve: I generally try to wax at least twice a year but, with the bigger MH it might have to settle for once. Nothing to do with me getting older. I think it will help protect from pollution, sun rays and keeps it looking newer longer which leads to better selling value.