Exterior Sealer, Exteneded Warranty?


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I recently purchased a new 2004 Jayco 26S trailer. The salesperson tried to sell me the usual extended warranty and a high tech sealer(s) process. I'm certainly familiar with the sales pitch as I've purchased new vehicles before. My personal feeling is the warranty never pays for itself, and these "so called" sealers/clear coats are nothing more than a fancy wax job and some 3M Scotchgaurd for the cloth components indoor. Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject?


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Exterior Sealer, Exteneded Warranty?

Let's just say that they are never worth what is being asked for them. I did buy both of these, but only after beating the price down to less than 50%. I figured the sealer was worthless in and of itself, but it did come with a guarantee that any stains on the exterior or interior which can't be removed by normal cleaning would be removed by the company...