F350 Water in Fuel


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I have had my 2003 6.0 diesel to the dealership 5 times for the same thing...water in fuel light comes on and won't go off after draining. Started at 7400 miles. They have changed module, sensor, filters, separator and can only tell me that I keep getting bad fuel. The last time it happened I had driven about 400 miles since it was last "fixed". The truck has about 25000 miles now. Any suggestions?


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F350 Water in Fuel

Good morning cwjdmd,if you scroll down the page a bit you'll see a topic, ford 6.0 problems, there are a couple of guys at the start of the discussion that had the same exact problems. The only thing is they never came back to let us know the out come. Maybe if you e-mail them they might have found a solution. I would try to find a dealership that has a separate service dept for their diesel trucks. If you live in the Houston area I could recommend one. Good luck.