fan belt orientation (please)


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I have a 1982 pace arrow motor home, class A. I believe I have a belt orientation problem because my belts squeal when I first start it up and then goes away when warm. I think the belt are running to close to each other in some cases and squealing. Is there anyone out there that can give me the correct running positions off this engine or a front view of the engine? (454) On the left side facing the engine is smog pump bottom, alternator top of that, middle harmonic balancer, water pump and belt tensioner above that, to the right power steering pump, and AC, but not directly over that. Any help would be appreciated



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fan belt orientation (please)

Louie, Welcome to the forum. This same subject was discussed at length recently on this forum. check the feedback on Replacing Belt(s) or Broken Belt. Check with manufacturer also.
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fan belt orientation (please)

cas234, I'm assuming my 85 Winnie 454 is similar. First belt to go on is the power steering or Hydro boost pump. It goes on the crank pulley groove closest to the block. The next belt goes around the second groove on the crank, around the front groove on the power steering pump, next the water pump (groove closest to water pump), then the a/c. The last belt goes around the front groove on the crank, around the air pump, alternator and front groove on the water pump. I don't have a belt tensioner, but should be close to yours.....Good Luck