Fifth 5th Wheel hitch removal and return


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I've got a 2008 Dodge dually 3500 diesel 4x4 with a 5th wheel installed in the bed. I want to use the truck bed for other things from time to time. Has anyone come up with a reasonable way for one person (a large, but old guy) to remove the hitch and to get it back on safely and without breaking any body parts? I tried to pick the hitch up off the ground and put it on the back, but couldn't --- too heavy and way too high.




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Hi Steve, Some say just to leave it hooked up to the trailer. Pull the pins and raise it up. Never tried it, just be careful it's not in a bind when you pull the pins.

C Nash

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I have done like Shadow said but some mfg dont recommend doing that. Guess the weight hanging there might be to much.


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If you have a garage, shop, tree a boat winch will work without much effort. That way you don't lift or strain and you can swing it back into place.

You wont hurt anything letting the hitch hang, but it sure is a lot harder to hook back up! I dont know the brand hitch you have, but most can be taken apart in 2 pieces and removed a lot lighter.