Fifth Wheel Towing with Short Bed Pick-Up

[Lesley Green] Hello,

I am in the process of purchasing a new Pick-up. I am looking at an 2001 or 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, Extended Cab, Short bed Pick-up. In a couple of years, I plan to replace my current TT with a 28-31&#039 Fifth wheel. The information I have recieved indicates that I should be able to tow a fifth wheel with this truck with the proper equipment such as a slider hitch, and extended pin box.

I was wondering if anyone has experience towing with this set-up

Thank-you for any help.
Fifth Wheel Towing with Short Bed Pick-Up

[Larry Day] There are plenty of 5&#039vers pulled by extended cab SB trucks. You may not need both the extended pinbox and the slider, but with both you will have no problems. I personally have towed for 11yrs with a SB and no slider. Distance from the back of the cab to the hitch plus 5&#039ver width determine the maximum turning angle. Chevy has the longest distance at about 43 inches compared to the others, so that helps in the event that you do not get a slider. When the time comes to get the 5&#039ver, height of the truck bed vs. pin height is something to look at closely given the height of new HD trucks. You want the 5&#039ver level for proper axle and pin loading and you need 5" - 7" vertical distance from the truck bed to the 5&#039ver underside.
Fifth Wheel Towing with Short Bed Pick-Up

[Don] Leslie, I am pulling a 26ft 5er with a Chevy 2500HD crew cab with a short bed. My trailer has an extended hitch pin, but I don&#039t have a slider hitch. I have had no problems at all either pulling or backing. I have intentionally turned at a very sharp angle while backing while closely watching the front of the trailer and the truck cab. It is fairly close (probably 6-8 inches clearance), but no problems. By the way, you will enjoy the 2500HD. It is a dream truck for towing, expecially with the allison transmission.

Good Luck,

Fifth Wheel Towing with Short Bed Pick-Up

[Steve] Piece of cake! I have the 2001 Ram Quad Cab, 6&#039 box, slider hitch with no problems, towing a new Keystone 28&#039 Cougar.