Fire Season is Here !!!!

John Harrelson

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Hi folks, its that time of year again..dust off the RV and chase those winter time dreams..

BUT... its also Fire Season.. I have already been busy this month, getting the trucks, trailers and other equipment ready for the season..

I likely won't be around the forums much from now until next November. So wanted to say hi to all while I have time to do so..

Remember... every time you toss a lit cigarette out the truck window, leave a camp fire with hot embers in it or don't drown your left over charcoal in the BBQ braizier... you are giving me a very good income... about $40,000.00 for 6 months work.. and I thank you..

Sarcasm never was my strong suit... the point is... have fun this summer, but be extra careful.. its going to be a long and dangerous one for the fire fighters...



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Fire Season is Here !!!!

thanks for the preaching....lots of folks need to be reminded. Hope you get bored and older (no pun intended, ha ha) sitting around waiting on the next fire and all you do is work on the equipment keeping it ready.
Have a slow summer and be careful if you do get busy.

Gary B

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Fire Season is Here !!!!

Hi John I second what Archer posted!! :) Have a good summer and if you get the time let us know whats happening, I fought fires for about 20 years with a Helicopter & water bucket and second all you stated look forward to hearing from you in the fall if not sooner!! :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve: