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We just purchased a very old tiny camper called a Fireball. It looks like it might sleep 3. It's barely 8 feet long and 5 feet wide. Basically it has a kitchen area (original stove and sink in good working order) just as you come in the door which is set towards the back of the passenger side. There is a closet across from the door. Two long benches on either side of a pedestal table take up the remainder of the area. A sort of sleeping shelf is at the front and pushes out of the front area over the trailer hitch. There are two air vents in the top. The one over the kitchen is broken so now the floor is trashed and we need to replace the plywood in that half of the trailer inside.

It has electrical and a hand water pump that still works as well. We were surprised to find water in the water tank that looks clear and drinkable. No odd odors or anything when water started to spout out of the water pump. The stove is propane and looks very clean with little rust. I'm trying to find out more about these little trailers. I need some welding done on the undercarrage and frame. Of course, we had to replace the very shredded flat tires.

Anyone know where I can find those who know something about these delightful little trailers?

Sara B

Gary B

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Fireball Campers

Hi Sara,
You can try go to their links page, there is much good imforation. I have seen a number of Fireball campers but none as small as yours, you might also check the teardrop site and ask on their BB. Sounds like you have a nice interesting little camper that will be alot of fun when you get it going. Happy trails GB :)