First night in the RV


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The pump was running because my valve to the tank was open. It wasn't a closed system. Once I found the UNMARKED valve (knob) to cut off water access to filling my tank, the pump turned off. Now the water works the way it is supposed to. I figured out the procedure and steps to getting running water to my RV, from the tank or from city water. Woohoo!!! I feel like a nerd getting so excited when I figure this stuff out (with some help from you guys and some neighbors).


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12 minutes? I would sure love to get out of bed and be to work that fast. It takes me more like an hour and a half to get to work. I sure do envy you on that account.


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Must be nice Hollis. The Boss Lady found me a whole new occupation - two in fact. Taking her to doctor appointments and remodeling the house we bought up here in Alaska. Keeps me broke and tried and off my motorcycle. Maybe that was her objective after all. Oh well.......:):)


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I signed up for the same plan that Hollis did 1 Aug 07. My wife has tried her best to motivate/nudge/shove/push/demand et al to get me to go back to work. All has fallen on deaf ears for 6 months of the year the other 6 I just head to Florida out of ear shot.

All joking aside a 12 minute commute to work might entice me to seek employment.

Jim you know that "Honey Do" list will never dimminish in size or go way. If I lived up in your neck of the woods and could not go fishing I'd run away from home.



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well Jim the remod would be OK with me. I like doing things like that. Now as for as taking the Boss Lady to her DR, that is a passion out of love. THAT is not a job, it's a pleasure.


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I'm a newbie, too; but if the fittings on both ends are standard home plumbing size, you should be able to replace the whole thing with a flexible plastic hose (made for this purpose) from a hardware or plumbing supply store.