Fl keys and key west

Many enjoyable trips to the keys and key west in years past with 40' dp staying in campgrounds, boyds, bluewater, koa, but now own 19' american cruiser class b van motorhome. Parks in any car space on the street. Can you travel to the keys and key west and park overnight wherever or must you overnight only in campgrounds? Any experience or advice will be sincerely appreciated.

C Nash

Senior Member
I don't think you will find many places if any in the Keys that you can just park and spend the night. Not saying it can't be done because I am sure it has and they just didnt get caught JMO
Thanks. Not wishing to do anything not permitted and do understand larger motorhome keys and key west restrictions but my american cruiser 19' van motorhome parks in any city/street parking space. Savannah, charleston for example. Key west streets are full of overnight parking as few homes have off street parking. I do remember from past visits many ford and dodge trucks with their fifth wheels parked in campgrounds visiting key west and parking on the street. Just don't remember if they were there for overnight stays. Not planning to stay overly long, probably one night.