ford 10 cyclinder engine

ford 10 cyclinder engine

Not into car talk but assume by banger you mean Ford V10? Anyway, have E450 V10 on 28' Class C. Great power, no problems, mileage about 9 mpg.
ford 10 cyclinder engine

I have owned my Super Duty for just over 2 years now and the only problem that I have had with it is when pulling a heavy load uphill and standing on the accelerator the surpentine chirps a little. It will pass anything but a gas station! :laugh:
ford 10 cyclinder engine

we have a 38' newmar w/ triton v-10
tow a small car w/no loss of power
getting about 81/2 mpgon flat rd.
our 2nd triton v-10
no gripes here :cool:


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ford 10 cyclinder engine

We have a 1999 pickup with the V 10. Pulling 11,000 pound 5th'er averages 9 MPG. Great power and has been trouble free.
ford 10 cyclinder engine

We pull a Cardinal 33RLWB. Probably about 11,000 loaded. Use a F-350 V-10, 3.73 gears and have had no problem. I have even pulled up 6 and 7% grades. Mileage isn't great. I get (towing with AC running) around 9.2 if everything is good. PLulled into a head wind this summer going up in New Mexico and got 7.25 on the worse tank. I've put in a chip and get close to 15 when not towing on the highway.