Ford 460 V8 in Pace Arrow vs. Ford V10

I'm considering buying a 1997 36' Pace Arrow with a Ford 460 V8 engine. What are the differences between that motor and the Ford 460 V10 found on the 1999 Bounder? Will I notice any difference driving without towing vs. towing a vehicle? Any difference with the Banks exhaust system installed. Thanks.

Gary B

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Ford 460 V8 in Pace Arrow vs. Ford V10

Hi Brain1, the Ford 460/7.5L is an excellent engine was in production for about 25 years, the V10 is a new tech engine Ford's Triton series, 6.8L (about 416 CID) has more power and torque than the 460 gets better mpg, the 1999 version was 270 hp and in 2000 its upped to alittle over 300 hp.
Yes you will notice a little difference towing vs not towing, the Banks system (complete system headers etc.) will make some differnce in power and the engines will run slightly cooler, you won't notice any marked improvement in mpg. We had a 94 34' Bounder with a Ford 460 and towed a Mazda B2200 pickup and never had any problems traveling from MN to Az. and back, only thing I did to ours was to install a free flowing muffler & 3" tail pipe, at a local muffler shop (cost me $100.00) and I did notice a slight improvement in power and the ebgine run slightly cooler. Hope this helps, welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Ford 460 V8 in Pace Arrow vs. Ford V10

Having owned both, I believe the 460 will out pull the V-10 hands down. My '99 was supposedly 275 HP and was a disaster waiting to happen. Frequently, I had it in low gear and it was slowing down pulling a suzuki toad. On several occassions, my wife wanted to stop and let her drive the toad. IF you are in to headers, they will help, any header. I would not necessarily spring for the most expensive, (bank$) There are many headers on the market and most will give equal bang for alot less bucks...As Gary B mentioned, quite a few folks spring for a single flowmaster muffler and larger exhaust pipe. OR, if your rig happens to have a catalytic convertor, Just replace the muffler with a test pipe and go for a test drive. You might find that just that little mod is enough...BTW: we only kept the V-10 for 7 months and 17,000 miles... Good luck with whatever you choose...