Ford 6.0 diesel engine


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Purchased a new 2003 F-350 Superduty (Sept. 03) for my Dad to haul travel trailers to supplement his S.S. Worst thing I could of ever done for him. First problem was at 10,000 miles. At 20,000 the injectors started failing. By the time the warranty expired at 100,000 (7-14-04) it had been to and repaired at various Ford dealers 19 times and had 14 injectors replaced along with various other components. Since that time it has been to the dealers another 14 times and has had 16 more injectors replaced along with the tranny and other items that failed. I tried desperately to work something out with the dealer I bought it from. He's now filed bankruptcy. Supposedly his general manager was stealing him blind (appx 2mil). The real sad part of it is, he was stealing most of it from the employee pension fund. As I write, my Dad has broken down again and has been stuck in Buckeye, AZ. the past 3 days. I've tried every method I know of to deal with Ford. No response whatsoever. Any approriate suggestions are appreciated.

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Ford 6.0 diesel engine

At this point Ford won't do anything. You have over 100k on it, out of warranty, etc. The lemon law, as I understand it, is good for the first 18 months of ownership only.

Suggestion? Have your Dad go to a GM or Dodge dealership and keep your fingers crossed they are nice to you. Good Luck