Ford 6.0 Problems

Randy Paul

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I purchased a 450 6.0 on Jan 2004 and in Sept with 44000 miles Ford had to replace the motor. Cause: engine overheated and rusted inside of motor. (Cost per dealer $14000). Time to replace motor 7 weeks. Now 8 months later, you guessed it, problems again. This time with 97,000 miles it has over heated again. So far they replaced the egr cooler. After putting it back together it still overheated and they said they now have to replace the heads. Ford Motor Company in the first occasion wasn't very responsive. I have talked to Detroit and they are waiting to see what happens this time. I'll call them tomorrow. I have about 3000 miles left on warranty. I think I need an attorney. Any similiar problems and suggests. Desperate, please advise. Thanks.


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Ford 6.0 Problems

You sure that you don't have the Triton, V-10? The 460 was discontinued several years ago. I beleive that the V-10 is 452 cid.

Isn't the warranty on Ford products three years or 36,000 miles? So how are you getting Ford to fix things?