Ford F-250 with V-10

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Ford F-250 with V-10

I DID give him the advice he asked for. Go back and READ my first post. It said if he "did not care about gas mileage, go for it." I was NOT the first to talk about diesels. I just agreed, after it was brought up, that the diesel would give BETTER mileage, and that is a fact. I will admit I talked about my mileage, after it was brought up, sorry I like my trucks.

How about your answer? The question was about a F-250. You jumped in about your motorhome... NOT a comparison either, especially with Banks bolted to it.

I was NOT involved with the arguement about the cost of gas vs. diesel, but you again singled me out and said I could not read. I would not have said anything tonight if I had not read your post. Sorry you have a problem with me, but all I did was state FACTS.

The fellow has probably bought by now anyway.