Ford or Chevy

Hi all I'm a newbie to this site. I live in England and am about to trade in my FW Hurricane on a Ford Triton V10 for a new FW Siesta 28 BK, a scale down in size for Euro travels.
I have a choice of Ford Triton V10 or Chevy Vortec V8, which is the most economical and reliable, would appreciate opinions


C Nash

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Re: Ford or Chevy

Welcome to the forum Larry. Given a choice I would go with the chevy. Having said that I have the V10 Ford and it has done a great job for 40k miles. Economical I would say both about the same. Neither would be a deal breaker for me. The Workhorse may be higher in price but resale generally is a little better. CCC would probably be my deciding factor.
Re: Ford or Chevy

I would interject that you should evaluate the current owners of the company that makes each and check their creditworthiness before deciding. :clown:


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Re: Ford or Chevy

well Larry both Nash and TEX has made some very good suggestions. I have a FW and it is a workhorse with a 8.1 gas with an Allison transmission, I have been and am very satisfied with the performance . But it still a personal decision that you will have to make.