Forest River Tsumami Owners


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I would like to hear from TSUNAMI motor home owners about there experiences owning this motor home has been good? has it been bad? My husband and I would like to know. We are looking at the 2006 Quad Slide. I have spoke to a few of the dealers to see when they would be getting the 2007 models in and have learned that some of them are not going to carry this motor home anymore, and some still have both 05, and 06 models that have not sold yet.

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RE: Forest River Tsumami Owners

Hey cam, welcome to the forum. Sounds like the dealer sales records or lack of speaks volumes about the Motorhome.


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Re: Forest River Tsumami Owners

Forest River was just sold. I not sure who bought it yet but I wouldn't buy one right now if I were you. Any time a manufacturer changes hands there is a shake up in the company. Always ends up that warranty customers suffer for a while. Usually the dealers change because warranty payments slow down or stop all together (warranty is usually about half of the shops income). When this happens you have to go searching for a dealer and it becomes a hassel because some dealers only service the ones they sold.

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Re: Forest River Tsumami Owners

Warren Buffett's company bought Forest River about a year ago. Has he sold it again?

Warranty money was never their strong area. That is one reason I quit selling their RV's years ago. I kept my customers happy, but they would not pay me.