Formaldehyde in trailers

We have an 07 keystone trailer and since the recent news about the trailers in New Orleans containing formaldehyde we are concern about the safety of the fumes in our trailer since we take the grandkids camping alot in the summer. If you have any information about this and if there are places to get tested we would be greatly appriciated

Kevin Rosart
Springville, NY
Re: Formaldehyde in trailers

You can usually smell it in a new RV, but when I bought mine new it had been on the lot for some time. There was no smell in it at all.

Since the government was involved on a grand scale, perhaps manufacturers took some shortcuts when the rush to obtain materials created shortages?
Re: Formaldehyde in trailers

I honestly dont think that is the case. It has been around for years. All you have to do is open the trailer, use it some and the problem will be gone.


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Re: Formaldehyde in trailers

Just something else to cause a stir and give those people something else to demand more money, food, medical, lodging, etc., for free. So sick of hearing those people complain two years down the road, when some of them and a lot, have more now then before the storm. Fraud......

DL Rupper

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Re: Formaldehyde in trailers

AMEN to that. Some people would complain if you gave them $1,000,000. They would demand $2,000,000. :eek:
Re: Formaldehyde in trailers

Hell, half the trailers given by FEMA were better than the homes that destroyed by the storm. This issue is just another way lawyers see big bucks, sue the Govt.