Forum changeover

I'm impressed with the speed and accuracy of the changeover to this new forum. I have some experience with doing the same thing myself.

It looks to me like there was a lot of work put into this turnaround, and I don't know how it could get any more seamless.

Looking at it from the outside it was as smooth as a new baby's behind! ;)
Re: Forum changeover


Thanks for the kind remarks - yes it did take MANY hours to make sure we could transfer over as much as we could and keep things running smoothly. :)



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Re: Forum changeover

I second TexasClodhoppers remarks.....I've done some conversions (when I use to work for a living, haha) and I know the amount of time, effort and headaches that can get ya down. Great Job, of course, we only saw the final results of all your efforts.... ;)
Re: Forum changeover

Really like the new look also. One suggestion. I liked, in the past, you could go to someones profile and see the posts they had recently made. Now you just see how many total posts there have been. I used that feature sometime to find a post when I could not remember where it was. Sometimes it was my own posts I was looking for!!! Miss that, but everything else is great.