free sale adv site for canadian RV

I need to sell in rush my 2002 trail-lite 21' travel trailer & my 1998 Nissan Pathfinder SUV. I am in Vancouver, and I adv in local buysell, and FREE INTOKO canadian site,but no response, and paid sites are far too expensive and do not promise any success. Can somebody suggest me what to do?, dealers don't even take consignment now and I reduced my price in 30%.
free sale adv site for canadian RV

hey, yes, you can try to submit a search query in for searching terms: "sell now, buy now, cars" or enter them like this: sell+now+buy+now+cars. This might be of assistance. Also, why do not you use a free site's sell cars? There is a possibility to sell your car and no fees for ads. Regards, Amy. :cool: